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Commercial Air Conditioning Service in River Grove, Illinois. 

24/7 Commercial Air Conditioning Repair, Maintenance and Installation Service Available in River Grove

Commercial/Industrial Air Conditioner Service River Grove, Illinois

Don’t subject your employees, equipment, or customers to overheating by ignoring your air conditioning system. Instead, call Repco Services Inc for all your commercial or industrial air conditioning repair, maintenance, and installation needs. Since 1991 local businesses have depended on our team of expert technicians and we aim to never disappoint. 

Reliable, Professional, Quality A/C Repair Service 

The simple truth is, commercial HVAC service requires a higher level of expertise than that needed for residential services. Your business’s system is probably larger and has higher demand than residential equipment. Because of this, your equipment tends to have much more complexity. Our commercial HVAC technicians offer reliable, professional, and high-quality service to commercial and industrial businesses throughout the River Grove, Illinois area. 

Common Occurrences When Air Conditioning Service Is Needed

  • Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On
  • Water Pooling Around Unit
  • Warm Air Coming From System
  • Noice, Excessive Vibrations, Squealing, or Humming

HVAC Knowledge When You Need It – 

Experience in all types of Commercial A/C Repair Needs.

If you are experiencing any of the following commercial air conditioning issues be sure to call us immediately: 847-524-1020. We are licensed, bonded, and insured. Proud to have a 5 Star Rating on Google, 5 Star Rating on Yelp, and be A+ Rated with the BBB. 

Call us for prompt service if you are experiencing any of the following stubborn and potentially dangerous air conditioning issues: 

  • No Power – If your unit has no power it can be a number of different things. Something as simple as a tripped breaker or those more serious like faulty wiring or the system becoming overheated. 
  • Fan Malfunction or Squealing – if you find that the fan isn’t running, or runs but is squealing, or doesn’t seem to be doing anything call us today. Worn out fan belts can potentially snap and lead to expensive repairs. 
  • Refrigerant Leak – If you hear a hissing sound CALL US IMMEDIATELY. This sound could signify a refrigerant leak which is harmful to the environment and kill any efficiency your system has. 

All Commercial Air Conditioning Services Available in River Grove, Illinois

Air Conditioning Cleaning

+ Change or Clean Air Filters
+ Clean Fins and Area Around Unit
+ Duct Cleaning if Needed
+ Clean coils, blower components, condensate drain, etc. 

Air Conditioner Maintenance 

+ Maintenance Agreement for Prompt & annual service
+ Full System Inspection & Diagnostics
+ Clean & lubricate system as needed
+ Inspect Wiring, Fluids, etc. 

Efficiency Check 

+ Look for signs of wasted efficiency
+ Design new system if needed
+ Integrate New Technology 
+ System Automation

A/C System Installation 

+ Since 1991
+ Warranty 
+ Potential Rebates, Tax Credits
+ Energy Efficiency

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